When will deliveries arrive?

Jellies for Prelude II St.Valentine's Day 2021 will be sent out in the first week of February.


How long does the jelly take to set?

For best results always set jellies overnight. Remember the longer jelly is refrigerated for the harder it sets so we would always recommend eating the jelly within 48 hours.


Do I need a microwave?

No, you can melt the jelly cubes in a bowl over a pan of simmering water instead.


What is the shelf life?

Further information on Prelude II St.Valentine's Day 2021 will be posted in due course.


Can I put the moulds in the dishwasher?

Unfortunately not.  The moulds are made from the same plastic that professional pâtissiers use, which allows for perfect unmoulding but won’t stand up to the heat of a dishwasher. Gently wash in hand-hot water. Rinse and allow to drip dry.


Are the jellies Vegan / Vegetarian / Halal?

At this time our jelly cubes are made with pork gelatine. As experienced jellymongers, there is currently no substitute product available that provides the right texture for a jelly cube. That said we have developed a revolutionary Vegan ready to eat jelly, which we hope to launch soon.


Are Benham & Froud jellies available in shops?

We are currently only offering our jellies direct to the customer from our website. We are interested in your feedback as we develop the range. Thanks for being part of our journey.


Can Benham & Froud cater for my party / wedding / event?

Of course, Bompas & Parr has been offering this service for years and now Benham & Froud will pick up the mantle: email jelly@benhamandfroud.com


Can Benham & Froud make a mould of my house, pet, product?

Probably: email jelly@benhamandfroud.com


I’ve got a family connection to Benham & Froud, can we talk?

We’d be very glad to speak: email jelly@benhamandfroud.com




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