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Prelude I Christmas 2020


Our first release contained festive jelly cubes and moulds to make two 600ml jellies, each serving six people.

All supporters and participant in Benham & Froud’s Prelude gained membership to the Orb & Cross, a small cohort of jelly aficionados for whom we’ll preview new and exclusive releases, host private events and offer otherwise unobtainable services. 

Sign up to our instagram account to see the jellies that our first cohort made.

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Benham & Froud

Christmas 2020 Jelly Box


Gin and Blackberry jelly cubes

Raspberry and Mandarin Basil jelly cubes

2 x 600ml pâtissier’s jelly moulds

Recipe booklet



Membership of Orb & Cross

Invitational jelly masterclass (hosted virtually)

Electroformed copper mould for the champion jelly posted on social channels using #BENFRO and @benhamandfroud

The Christmas 2020 Jelly Box is now sold out, sign-up to our mailing list for the next edition drop.


Gin and Blackberry Jelly Cubes

A box of three gin and three blackberry cubes allow your wildest jellying dreams to come true.


Our gin jelly cubes are made using our own Saussure Gin, with notes of vetiver root, gentian root, violet and linden blossom. The blackberry jelly cubes are made with whole blackberries, gently cooked down to compliment the gin.


As with all Benham and Froud jelly cubes you can have your jelly in the fridge within minutes. Simply place the cubes in a microwavable measuring jug, power for 50 seconds until fully melted and top up to 600ml with water. Pour into the mould and approximately six hours later your jelly is ready to unmould.


However, adding water is just the starting point. The box contain three cubes of each flavour so there are all sorts of combinations to try.


Add chopped seasonal fruit for a luxurious set fruit salad. Or add some cream to the gin cubes and make a show-stopping striped gin panna cotta and blackberry jelly. 

Raspberry and Mandarin Basil Jelly Cubes

The Christmas notes of mandarin complement a pure raspberry jelly made from whole raspberries gently juiced with sugar and lemon.  The unusual combination of basil elevates these traditional flavours into something luxurious and intriguing.


Make an elegant pudding by setting the Mandarin and Basil jelly in the mould first before adding the Raspberry jelly. Or take things further by setting mandarin and raspberries in the jelly. 


Jelly Moulds

For our first mould release we have worked on redesigning a classic mould from the archives of Bompas & Parr. When challenged by Heston Blumenthal to come up with the wobbliest mould for his Feast TV series, we eventually settled on our classic ‘cog’ design. The cog shape gives a superb wobble. For Christmas 2020 we’ve updated this design with a slight twist and a new 600ml size. 


Recipe Booklet

The recipe booklet gives simple step-by-step instruction that will have you jellying in minutes. Whilst all Benham & Froud products can be made by melting the cubes in the microwave and adding water, that’s just the tip of the quivering iceberg. For each jelly set we’ll include three recipes to get your culinarily inspiration flowing.

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