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Prelude II St. Valentine's Day 2021


Our second release celebrated St Valentine's Day in geological style.

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Legend tells of Cleopatra dissolving pearls in wine to please emissaries, lovers and for her own delight. This Valentine’s Day triumph at the table with crystalline jellies made with precious metals - gold.


Each jelly box-set contained jelly cubes and the moulds to make two 300ml jellies, each serving 2-3 people. There was also gold leaf. ​


Benham & Froud

St. Valentine's 2021 Jelly Box


Strawberry and Elderflower jelly cubes

2 x 300ml pâtissier’s crystal design jelly moulds 

Edible gold leaf

Recipe booklet



Membership of Orb & Cross

Invitational jelly masterclass (hosted virtually)

The Valentine's Day 2021 Jelly Box is now sold out, sign-up to our mailing list for the next edition drop.


The Reward of Romance 

Jelly is particularly suited to romantic gestures. It catches and refracts candlelight, can be lit from within for a spectacular reveal or desert procession and wobbles with an allure of its own. 


Beyond all other food, it is especially suited to precision setting of precious gifts within the gel matrix, concealing an exciting reward for your dining companion. Everyone loves a little mystery.


Make something spectacular, and share with us using #BENFRO. We’ll be celebrating the most tremendous, romantic and sensuous jellies.

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